In addition to teaching your kid to look both ways before crossing the street, you may want to include putting their phone away before using the crosswalk. There have been 11,000 documented injuries from distracted walking since 2000, according to the National Safety Council. Surprisingly, all age groups are responsible for the rise in these type of incidents, not just the millennial, who spend nearly 4 hours daily using the mobile internet. Distracted pedestrians have become such an issue that the term ‘petextrian’ has been coined. The hot spots where these incidents occur are main intersections, roadways, and greatly trafficked settings. Sam Schwartz Pedestrian Traffic Management Services was created to help pedestrians cross the hectic streets of NYC and nationwide, safely, with the busy pedestrian in mind. While we don’t support texting-while-crossing, our crossing guards will be there to help the preoccupied students or the happy fan messaging their friends the game score after sporting events cross the road. SSPTMS, Inc. is here to protect the pedestrians from the distractions of life.
CATEGORIES: Pedestrian Safety