Imagine a future when cars are no more. Maybe there are hovercrafts, maybe humans can teleport to their desired location. Now imagine this, a car-less world in 2019. In Oslo, the future is becoming reality. The newly elected council believes the ban on cars in the city center will help reduce pollution. This isn’t a new idea; large cities like Paris, London, and Madrid have gone as far as putting a temporary ban on cars, in addition to enforcing congestion charges to help alleviate traffic. While some shop owners fear that the ban will hurt their business, the city council believes that this ban will ultimately benefit the pedestrians. Oslo’s car-free city center could help encourage other cities to put a larger importance on pedestrian safety, even if they aren’t completely sold on the idea of a vehicle-free city. The capital city plans to allocate more money on public transportation and in creating bicycle lanes. Oslo’s city council will hold trial runs in order to properly create a traffic management plan that will withstand this new idea.
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