The cause of why most pedestrian accidents become fatal is is because the pedestrian fully absorbs the impact of the crash. Pedestrians are unprotected while they are walking. There are no airbags or seat belts to protect them. Here are 5 safety tips that should help keep you safe:

1. Look both ways before crossing a street.
We know you have heard it a million times, but traffic often travels in both directions. Failing to look both ways could result in an accident, so make sure to take an extra second to double check no cars are coming before crossing a street.

2. Always be alert.
Make sure when you are walking, you are not distracted by your cell phone calling, texting, or tweeting. It is also a good idea to not use headphones, which could prevent you from hearing approaching traffic. You need to be alert when walking to watch out for cars, motorcycles, or bicycles.

3. Use the sidewalks.
It is a no brainer that it is much safer to walk on the sidewalk than try to squeeze yourself between cars. If there is no sidewalk around, make sure to walk facing the direction of traffic coming towards you. Also, make sure to try to stay as far away from passing cars as possible, and stay off the road as much as you can.

4. Cross the street on marked crosswalks.
Most drivers can expect to see pedestrians on crosswalks. Running across the road may save you a few minutes from having to wait at the crosswalk, but it could save your life! Make sure to be smart and use crosswalks to safely cross the road.

5. Make eye contact.
In some cases, many pedestrians just assume the cars can see them, don’t make assumptions about this. Make sure to make eye contact with a driver before crossing a road to ensure they see you.