The Pennsylvania Gazette’s current March|April 2016 issue features a wonderful eight - page article of our very own “Gridlock Sam” Schwartz. The article, cleverly entitled “Street Fighter” highlights Schwartz’s passion, and dedication to pedestrian and traffic management from over the years.
From coining “gridlock traffic,” to what he now hopes will be his final campaign Move NY, Schwartz has become one of the world’s leading traffic engineers due to his nearly half century commitment to New York, and its traffic management issues.
With an emphasis on preserving urban communities, Schwartz keeps city vitality as the center focus of his traffic engineering plans.
Click link below to read the full Pennsylvania Gazette article. The article does a wonderful job of highlighting the force behind Sam Schwartz Pedestrian and Traffic Management Services. Once you read the article, you will certainly be set in your decision of choosing SSPTMS for all of your traffic and pedestrian needs thanks to “Gridlock Sam” Schwartz.