Pedestrian safety in New York has finally received the attention it deserves. On June 20th, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo revealed New York’s first-ever pedestrian safety plan which will have the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee working with The New York State Departments of Transportation and Health. The five-year plan will provide $110 million for safety improvements throughout Upstate New York and Long Island using the three Es – Engineering, Enforcement and Education. The governor also announced a new pedestrian safety website to start off the campaign,, which will showcase projects and give more information on pedestrian safety initiatives.

The Pedestrian Safety Action Plan was created to identify the existing safety conditions and to recommend changes that can be finished over the next five years. Improvements will involve installing signs and noticeable light beacons, as well as creating refuge islands and curb extensions for wider streets.
More than 300 pedestrian deaths and 15,000 injuries happen each year in New York State due to being hit by motor vehicles. The importance of this safety plan is evident, as pedestrian injuries and deaths continue to occur.

To view or download the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, click here.

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