Mayor Bill Carpenter of Brockton, MA, has recently implemented reflective signs to help improve pedestrian safety. After the large amounts of pedestrian fatalities that occurred in 2014, the city has been working on developing a strategy to make the streets safer for both walkers and bicyclists. The reflective signs have been added at four of the most challenging crosswalks in Brockton, such as mid-block crossings and near schools. The flashing signs cost around $33,000 per crosswalk installation. The signs are solar powered, communicate wirelessly, and created from a highly reflective material.

Carpenter mentioned three specific aspects of the pedestrian safety plan for the city. The first being the new flashing signs installed at crosswalks, which the mayor wants to eventually add throughout the city. Second, additional improvements including re-striping the crosswalks in Brockton. Lastly, the mayor also highlights the importance of education and enforcement, especially for the younger generations, to continue to improve and maintain pedestrian safety.

While the additional of flashy, blinking signs are a step forward, future projects should hire pedestrian managers to optimize pedestrian traffic. All of the above additions are important to any pedestrian management strategy, but pedestrian managers are needed for a complete and effective long-term strategy. SSPTMS offers numerous pedestrian traffic services, such as event day management, school crossing guards, parking studies, and more.

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