Summer is right around the corner! Which means longer days, more sunshine and warm days. With warmer weather comes more outdoor activities, more people riding bikes and more pedestrians. As a pedestrian it is extremely important to stay alert and aware of oncoming traffic. Drivers and pedestrians share the responsibility of keeping pedestrians safe. So to help keep you safe this summer, we’ve put together a list of summer safety reminders for pedestrians.

1. Be a predictable pedestrian. Make sure you follow road rules so you aren’t shocking or surprising a driver.

2. Always walk on the sidewalk. When there is not one available, walk on the side of the road in which you will be facing traffic.

3. Get off your phone! It sounds silly, but don’t text and walk. When you are on an electronic device it will keep you from fully focusing on the road ahead of you and watching out what is going on around you.

4. Use the crosswalk. This is where drivers expect to see pedestrians. If there is no crosswalk make sure that you are crossing when there is a traffic break and you feel completely comfortable making your way across the street.

5. Be visible. This is something people often forget that to drivers you my blend in with the background if you don’t wear bright clothes or use a flashlight at night.
These are just a few tips that should help you to take the proper precautions when walking outside. Make sure you think about these five tips before you go on any kind of walk, your life could depend on it.

These simple tips can help to keep you and others safe during the summer months so when you are in need of traffic safety don't forget to consider SSPTMS. Visit our services page to view all of the traffic safety options we offer.
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