Halloween is one of the most fun holidays for children-- they get to dress up, collect tons of sugary sweets, maybe even stay up later than usual! So what’s not to love?! With the increased amount of pedestrian traffic, most of which happens after dusk, and the fact that many vehicles are still on the road, Halloween can be tricky for children to navigate. Because we care about pedestrian safety for all at SSPTMS, we created a list of our favorite tips to help your trick-or-treaters stay safe while navigating neighborhood sidewalks and streets.

#1: Ensure an adult or older, responsible youth is available to supervise children under the age of 12.

#2: Be bright at night – wear retro-reflective tape on costumes and treat buckets to improve visibility to motorists and others.

#3: Wear disguises that don’t obstruct vision, and avoid facemasks. Instead, use non toxic face paint. Also, watch the length of billowy costumes to help avoid tripping.

#4: Carry a flashlight containing fresh batteries, and place it face down in the treat bucket to free up one hand. Never shine it into the eyes of oncoming drivers.

#5: Stay on sidewalks and avoid walking in streets if possible.

#6: If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic.

#7: Look both ways and listen for traffic before crossing the street.

#8:Cross streets only at the corner, and never cross between parked vehicles or mid-block.

#9:Trick-or-treat in a group if someone older cannot go with you.

#10: Tell your parents where you are going.

For more Halloween tips be sure to check out the the AAA website here.