Popular urban areas are becoming more and more pedestrian friendly. Big cities such as Manhattan are making pedestrians’ safety a priority with the help of businesses like ours, Sam Schwartz Pedestrian Traffic Management Services (SSPTMS). Pedestrian Traffic Managers (PTM) being used are helping to ease the minds of parents as young kids participate in International Walk to School Month this October.

In our fast paced world of motorized vehicles, tablets, and cell phones, it is essential that kids find a way to get moving. This organized walk is helping just that. Aside from increasing physical activity, the walk helps promote increased social interaction, and will of course help lessen pollutants being emitted into the environment.

This walk emphasizes the introduction of kids and communities to more active and safer routes to school. With the help of PTMs in bigger urban cities, these routes will hopefully continue to be filled, even after October’s Walk to School Month has passed.

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