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Meet The New Pedestrian Advocate

A growing trend in urbanized areas has been the power of the pedestrian over the power of the vehicle. New York City is a prime example of how the pedestrian has begun to triumph over the motor vehicle. It was just a short time ago, in places like Times Square and Herald Square where pedestrians w... view entire article

Street Smart New Jersey

Just like NYC and Bill de Blasio created Vision Zero, New Jersey is starting a Street Smart NJ campaign to make pedestrians and drivers more conscious of each other. In the town of Flemington, more than 20 pedestrians were involved in accidents in 2015, with one being fatal. With the borough only ... view entire article

A New Breed of Pedestrian Advocate is Making City Streets Safer for Everyone

As cities such as New York recognize the need to stop treating pedestrians as second-class citizens, the Pedestrian/Traffic Manager (PTM) has emerged as a new tool in the effort to improve the mobility and safety of those on foot. Throughout North America, cities are recognizing the need to stop tr... view entire article

Understanding Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero Plan and what it means for Pedestrians in NYC

In January 2014, Cooper Stock, a 9 year old from Manhattan was walking across an Upper West Side Street holding his father’s hand. Then the unimaginable happened and was struck by one of those familiar NYC yellow cabs. A day later a 32 year-old mother of two was struck by a drunk driver in the Bro... view entire article


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