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Why We Do What We Do: The Benefits of Walking

It’s the start of the New Year, and many Americans have made plans for healthier lifestyles. One easy, free or low-cost way you can include more physical activity into your life is by walking. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People 2020 encourages Americans to walk and ... view entire article
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Managing The Holiday Traffic At “The Most Popular Uber Destination In New York”: Queens Center Mall

Elmhurst – Queens, NYC There’s no place like a mall during the holidays! Recently, the New York Post reports that Queens Center Mall in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens was named “the most popular uber destination in New York”, according to Uber’s own data. Intrigued by this finding,... view entire article

Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

During Halloween the streets and sidewalks are filled with excited trick or treaters eager to collect as much candy as possible. But before you take your little ghouls and goblins out for Halloween, read our tips for safe trick or treating. Tip 1. Set a good example by always using a sidewalk (whe... view entire article
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SSPTMS in the Summer

Summer is in full swing! Which means SSPTMS Inc. is hard at work providing pedestrian, bike, and vehicle safety at many of the summer foot races taking place in the greater NYC area. Here we have two of our own: Project Manager, Nick, who participated in a race in Brooklyn in July and one of our sta... view entire article

Summer Safety Tips

Summer is right around the corner! Which means longer days, more sunshine and warm days. With warmer weather comes more outdoor activities, more people riding bikes and more pedestrians. As a pedestrian it is extremely important to stay alert and aware of oncoming traffic. Drivers and pedestrians sh... view entire article
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Crossing Guards for Grown-Ups? Yes, Traffic Is That Bad

Happy New Year! SSPTMS closed out 2018 with some much appreciated recognition from none other than The New York Times! In this article, our fearless Pedestrian Traffic Managers in the Hudson Square area are given the spotlight. It describes how vital their presence is in helping to manage complicate... view entire article

Reflective Signs Implemented to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Mayor Bill Carpenter of Brockton, MA, has recently implemented reflective signs to help improve pedestrian safety. After the large amounts of pedestrian fatalities that occurred in 2014, the city has been working on developing a strategy to make the streets safer for both walkers and bicyclists. The... view entire article
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Cities Around the U.S. are Putting a Stronger Focus on Pedestrians

Motor City is focusing on pedestrians and cyclists, rather than motor vehicles with their inaugural Open Streets. The Detroit Metro Times recently published an article stating that "Detroit will close thoroughfares to automobile traffic from downtown to the city’s Southwest side and open them to b... view entire article
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Pedestrian safety in New York

Pedestrian safety in New York has finally received the attention it deserves. On June 20th, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo revealed New York’s first-ever pedestrian safety plan which will have the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee working with The New York State Departments of Transportation and He... view entire article
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Nationwide Pedestrian Safety

New York is not the only state to increase their focus on pedestrian safety. Nationwide, states have begun to reevaluate their pedestrian safety operations they had in place, starting off with small changes initially to ultimately change the way drivers and pedestrians take the streets. In Oakla... view entire article
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How to (Safely) Play Pokémon Go

The Future is here, or is it? Have we brought virtual reality to the streets or did we create Smart Phone Zombies? You may have noticed citizens around your city with their smartphones out and their heads down wandering the streets and wondered what is going on. Pokémon Go, which was released ... view entire article
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Meet The New Pedestrian Advocate

A growing trend in urbanized areas has been the power of the pedestrian over the power of the vehicle. New York City is a prime example of how the pedestrian has begun to triumph over the motor vehicle. It was just a short time ago, in places like Times Square and Herald Square where pedestrians w... view entire article

Street Smart New Jersey

Just like NYC and Bill de Blasio created Vision Zero, New Jersey is starting a Street Smart NJ campaign to make pedestrians and drivers more conscious of each other. In the town of Flemington, more than 20 pedestrians were involved in accidents in 2015, with one being fatal. With the borough only ... view entire article

Pedestrian Fatalities Increase in 2015

Numbers gathered by researchers at Sam Schwartz Consulting show pedestrian fatalities now account for 15 percent of all traffic deaths. In fact, pedestrian fatalities were up about 10 percent from 2014. 2,368 pedestrians were killed in the first half of 2015 alone. If the numbers were consistent ... view entire article
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New Crane Safety Regulations

Following the collapse of a crawler crane in New York City this past month, resulting in a man’s death, Mayor Bill de Blasio has required that large cranes follow new safety regulations. The new regulations require crawler cranes to halt operation when there are winds forecast between 20 and 30 m... view entire article

Are you a 'petextrian'?

In addition to teaching your kid to look both ways before crossing the street, you may want to include putting their phone away before using the crosswalk. There have been 11,000 documented injuries from distracted walking since 2000, according to the National Safety Council. Surprisingly, all age... view entire article
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2015 Safest Year Ever On NYC Streets

2015 was officially the safest year ever on New York City streets since record keeping began in 1910. Officials state there were 231 traffic fatalities in 2015, 66 lower than the 297 fatalities that occurred in 2013, the year before Vision Zero began. Pedestrian deaths also fell 27% during that peri... view entire article
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Vision Zero in NYC Update

We are happy to report that early signs show that Vision Zero has been proven to reduce traffic fatalities in New York City in 2015. Below are some statistics that show improvement since being instituted: In 2014, there were 252 traffic fatalities in NYC. In 2015, there were 224 traffic fatalities... view entire article
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A New Breed of Pedestrian Advocate is Making City Streets Safer for Everyone

As cities such as New York recognize the need to stop treating pedestrians as second-class citizens, the Pedestrian/Traffic Manager (PTM) has emerged as a new tool in the effort to improve the mobility and safety of those on foot. Throughout North America, cities are recognizing the need to stop tr... view entire article


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