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Managing The Holiday Traffic At “The Most Popular Uber Destination In New York”: Queens Center Mall

Elmhurst – Queens, NYC There’s no place like a mall during the holidays! Recently, the New York Post reports that Queens Center Mall in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens was named “the most popular uber destination in New York”, according to Uber’s own data. Intrigued by this finding,... view entire article

SSPTMS in the Summer

Summer is in full swing! Which means SSPTMS Inc. is hard at work providing pedestrian, bike, and vehicle safety at many of the summer foot races taking place in the greater NYC area. Here we have two of our own: Project Manager, Nick, who participated in a race in Brooklyn in July and one of our sta... view entire article

Crossing Guards for Grown-Ups? Yes, Traffic Is That Bad

Happy New Year! SSPTMS closed out 2018 with some much appreciated recognition from none other than The New York Times! In this article, our fearless Pedestrian Traffic Managers in the Hudson Square area are given the spotlight. It describes how vital their presence is in helping to manage complicate... view entire article

When New York City tried to ban cars – the extraordinary story of 'Gridlock Sam'

Check out this article that tells the story of how the city was shaped through transportation today and how our own 'Gridlock Sam' came to be. When New York City tried to ban cars – the extraordinary story of 'Gridlock Sam'... view entire article
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Real-time Placemeter Map

‘1985’ it is not. You, as a pedestrian, are not being monitored, but your movements may be collected for improvements in your daily life. The start-up Placemeter installed sensors and video feeds from around New York City that they use to obtain data with a little help from some handy algorit... view entire article
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